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Dreamers Deferred

Molly Adams, vis Flickr/Creative Commons

Over the past few years, Tennessee legislators have debated bills that would have allowed undocumented students to receive in-state tuition at Tennessee colleges. Despite bipartisan support, those bills have been narrowly defeated each time, leaving the over 8,000 DACA recipients in the state with nearly insurmountable financial barriers to higher education. Tennessee DACA recipients don’t qualify for in-state tuition, the Hope Scholarship, Tennessee Promise, state or federal financial aid, grants, or even federal student loans.

In “Dreamers Deferred,” you’ll hear from six students who persevered to find the money for college. They are the exception. Fewer than ten percent of DACA recipients attend college. And while these students have found a path to higher education, they’re still left asking the question, where do I fit in?

"Dreamers Deferred" was reported by Leslie Snow. Todd Steed composed the music. Thanks to Maryville College for helping arrange interviews for this project.