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In A Divided America, Ideas For Healing A Divided Church

Brian J. Chong, via Flickr/Creative Commons

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign highlighted and exploited fault lines of class, gender and race in American society. The differences that polarized much of the country at large were also reflected within the nation’s biggest single religious denomination, Catholicism.

Tricia Bruce, an associate professor of sociology at Maryville College, is a co-editor on the recent book Polarization in the U.S. Catholic Church: Naming the Wounds, Beginning to Heal. The book is a collection of essays designed to identify divisions within the church and suggest ways to bridge them.

The essay collection is based on a conference held at Notre Dame University in April 2015. A panel discussion from that conference can be viewed online.

Dr. Bruce spoke with WUOT All Things Considered host Brandon Hollingsworth.

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