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The Method: Road Blocks For Driverless Cars

UK Department of Transportation

More than fifty years ago, The Jetsons predicted life in the 21st century would be defined by homes in the sky and flying cars. History, of course, took a different path. Today's prognosticators say the highways of the future will be filled with automated, driverless vehicles. Nineteen companies say they're working to get models to the market around 2020.

But not so fast. Driverless automobile technology still has to clear several major hurdles before it becomes commonplace. Center for Transportation Research director David Clarke outlines a few with Method host Brandon Hollingsworth.

Then, there are certain characteristics of nature we take for granted. The sky is blue. Grass is green. Leaves change color in the fall. What explains that seasonal color shift? WUOT's Megan Jamerson finds out, from Western Carolina University professor Beverly Collins.