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Tenn Words: "We Just Had To Let Her Go"


Since we began asking East Tennesseans the question "What keeps you up at night?", we've received a handful of responses that refer to the 24/7 challenges involved in taking care of others who are suffering.  

Ryan Jackson learned first-hand how difficult it can be when he dropped out of college to help take care of his ailing grandmother.   But he also learned it can be a rewarding, enriching experience.   

You can hear Brittany Crocker's entire interview with Ryan Jackson on Episode 2 of the Tenn Talks Bedtime Stories podcast.   And of course, you can find us on Twitter and Instagram, where we feature daily responses to our Tenn Words question.  If you'd like to answer the question yourself (anonymously, of course),  you can visit the Tenn Words booth or go online.

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