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Dozens Of Migrants Feared Dead In Aegean Sea Boat Accidents

At least 13 migrants, including children, were killed when the dinghy they were using to cross the Aegean Sea collided with a ferry off the coast of Turkey. Another 24 refugees were missing after their boat sank off the Greek island of Lesbos.

The first incident occurred near the port of Canakkale on the Turkish coast.

The BBC reports:

"Turkey's coastguard said it had raised the alarm after being told that a commercial vessel and a migrant boat had collided off Canakkale.

"It said it had sent a helicopter and six rescue boats to the area.

"Eight people have been rescued, with one seriously injured. Some reports said four of the dead were children."

The Associated Press adds:

"Coast guard officials said nearly three dozen people were rescued in the two incidents, which followed another sinking near Lesbos Saturday, in which a 5-year-old girl drowned. Two bodies were found in Greek waters, but authorities aren't yet sure which shipwreck killed them.

"The events highlight the risks that those fleeing the Middle East, Africa and Asia are willing to take in hopes of reaching sanctuary in Europe. Men, women and children continue to take the perilous sea journey despite the fact that thousands of earlier migrants find themselves blocked by closed border crossings in the Balkans."

Meanwhile, in Croatia, police say some 27,000 migrants hoping to reach Western Europe have entered the country in the past few days. On Friday, Zagreb said it was being overwhelmed with refugees and could handle no more.

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