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Legislative News: Pseudoephedrine Limits / State Execution Method


The Tennessee House and Senate continue to disagree on legislation that puts annual limits on purchases of cold and allergy medications.

At the beginning of the session, Governor Bill Haslam introduced a proposal to tighten annual limits on purchases of those medications, which contain pseudoephedrine and can be used to make methamphetamine.

That legislation is now expected to go to a conference committee to work out the two versions of the bill: the House version sets an annual limit of 28.8 grams, a five-month supply, without a prescription; the Senate bill puts the limit at half that amount.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reports 1,685 meth labs seized in the state last year.


The Tennessee House has passed legislation concerning the execution of the state’s death row inmates.

The state House has agreed that Tennessee can electrocute death row inmates if lethal injection drugs are unavailable. The Senate passed its version of the measure last week.

The bill would retain lethal injection as the preferred method for executions, but would allow the electric chair to be used if the state can’t get the necessary drugs for lethal injections or if lethal injections are found to be unconstitutional.

Currently, death row inmates in Tennessee can choose to be electrocuted if their crimes were committed before 1999, when lethal injection was adopted as the state’s primary execution method.