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Dialogue: The "Uneasy Alliance" Between Pakistan And The United States

Brandon Hollingsworth, WUOT News

The U.S. formally established diplomatic relations with Pakistan on October 20, 1947. The ties formed in the dying throes of the British Empire have been tested heavily over the ensuing six decades, from the Cold War to the challenges of the war on terror. The result is an uneasy alliance between the two nations, one that has been both dysfunctional and beneficial through the years.

Cameron Munter was the United States' 27th ambassador to Pakistan, and on Wednesday, March 5, he joined WUOT's Brandon Hollingsworth for an hour-long discussion about the past, present and future of America's relationship with Pakistan.

Also joining the panel for this discussion were Dr. Howard Hall, director of the Howard Baker Center's global security program, and Dr. Brandon Prins, a Baker Center fellow specializing in analysis of international relations and militarized conflict.