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Former Alexander Staffer To Press Court For Leniency At Bond Hearing

WJLA-TV/Associated Press

  A week ago, Ryan Loskarn was still the Chief of Staff for Lamar Alexander, Tennessee’s Senior Senator in Washington. 

Since then, Loskarn’s been fired, replaced, arrested and charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.  U.S. Postal Service Inspectors raided Loskarn’s Washington D.C. home on Wednesday and claim he attempted to hide a portable hard drive from them, one allegedly containing “hundreds” of pornographic images of children.  They also claim he offered pornographic material for download from his computer.

Alexander fired Loskarn the same day as the raid, saying he was “stunned, surprised and disappointed.”  By the end of the day, he had hired David Cleary to replace Loskarn.  In another statement, Alexander says he found the evidence presented by investigators to be “repugnant and disturbing.”   

On Friday, Loskarn’s attorneys asked the court to release him from custody and allow him to move into his parents’ home in Maryland.  Describing Loskarn as a “decent, hardworking, loyal employee, friend and family member” with no history of drug or alcohol abuse, they say Loskarn has agreed to give up his passport, submit to a psychological evaluation and stay away from children.  A federal magistrate will consider the request during a bond hearing in Washington today.