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Without A Net: Voices of the Working Poor

During the week of December 3, 2012, WUOT Producers Matt Shafer Powell and Leslie Snow introduced us to a group of people often underrepresented in discussions about entitlements and employment.  Without A Net: Voices of the Working Poor highlighted the lives of six East Tennesseans for whom hope is often an unaffordable luxury. 

Holly and Kay are good friends and roommates locked in a constant struggle to keep a handle on their expenses.

Rusty is unable to drive because of a visual disability and relies on buses to get her back and forth to her job at Walgreen's.

Dhafer's family left Iraq when someone planted a bomb in their garden. Today, he's working part-time at a home improvement store while he looks for work as a civil engineer.

Robin delivers newspapers overnight and spends her days taking care of her growing family.