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Without A Net: Voices Of The Working Poor

In "Without a Net: Voices of the Working Poor", WUOT producers Matt Shafer Powell and Leslie Snow take you into the precarious world of East Tennessee’s working poor.  These are individuals and families teetering on the edge of financial disaster, where one small slip or a simple streak of bad luck can compromise whatever modest gains may have accumulated through the years.  East Tennessee’s working poor represent a segment of the population often overworked and overlooked, proudly and quietly committing to an ideal in which the ability and desire to work is a fundamental element of character.    In "Without a Net", we hear the voices of those who walk this fine line each day, we hear about their struggles and we hear about their dreams.  

Hear Holly and Kay's story
Hear Robin's story
Hear Rusty's story
Hear Dhafer's story
Listen to the hour-long interview special