University of Tennessee

Gretchen Neisler is UT's new vice provost for international affairs.  In this Changing Course interview, she discusses upcoming events and her new role at UT. 

Malissa Peery, distinguished lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, uses an innovative teaching method to keep her students engaged.  

Senior Lecturer Megan Fields discusses how students can overcome public speaking anxiety.  

UT Professor and Author Taps Into Best Possible Self

Mar 20, 2016

 In his book From Thug to Scholar: An Odyssey to Unmask My Full Potential, University of Tennessee Professor, Dr. James A. Williams talks about his life growing up in the projects and how he "unmasked" to become the person he is today. Dr. Williams, a graduate of the Air Force with a Ph.D from Iowa State University, is in his second year as a professor at the UT. He comes to Knoxville after a two year stint at James Madison University. I had the distinct opportunity to sit down with Dr. Williams and talk to him a little bit about his story.

Dr. Joan Rentsch discusses her classes on mindfulness.