Tennessee schools will reconvene for many in early August. As with any year, they will welcome a new class of kindergartners and with them the hopes and fears of parents sending them away on their own for the first time. But, during the summer weeks remaining there are ways parents can help prepare their kids for those first experiences of attending school. I spoke to Dani Thibus of the University of Tennessee’s Early Learning Center for tips to prepare children for their first year.

Throughout the US, education officials are trying to put their best face on a national report that shows America’s fourth and eighth graders aren’t improving as quickly at math and reading as teachers, administrators, parents and politicians would like.

But not in Tennessee.

Tennessee DOE Offers Signing Bonuses For Teachers

May 9, 2013
Christine Jessel

The Tennessee Department of Education will give teachers with the state’s highest evaluation scores signing bonuses to teach in the state’s lowest-performing schools. The Tennessee Department of Education is offering districts across the state enough money to give each new teacher at a priority school a $7,000 signing bonus.  In Knox County, one school is a priority school: Sarah Moore Greene Elementary, whose principal recently announced he would overhaul school staffing this year.