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The Welsh of Tennessee: An Interview with Eirug Davies

Dec 12, 2012

Dr. Eirug Davies describes himself as a physicist who tried to retire. Now he teaches in the Celtic Department at Harvard University and is a preeminent researcher on the history of Welsh populations and Welsh language in the US. Davies says the first great influx of Welsh immigrants was in the 1830's, mostly to coal-mining towns in Pennsylvania. Davies was in Knoxville and spoke to WUOT's Morning Edition host Chrissy Keuper about some Tennessee connections to his research: Knoxville, Lake City(once called Coal Creek) and a man named David Thomas.

Sometime in 2013, a team of researchers with the University of Tennessee plans to drill a series of wells into shale deep beneath the Cumberland Plateau as a testing ground for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The controversial practice has been blamed with health problems and contaminated groundwater in other states. The UT test wells, planned for Morgan and Scott counties, will try to answer vital questions about the effects of fracking. Kevin Hoyt is the director of the University of Tennessee Forest Resources Ag Research and Education Center.

Without A Net: Voices of the Working Poor

Dec 3, 2012

During the week of December 3, 2012, WUOT Producers Matt Shafer Powell and Leslie Snow introduced us to a group of people often underrepresented in discussions about entitlements and employment.  Without A Net: Voices of the Working Poor highlighted the lives of six East Tennesseans for whom hope is often an unaffordable luxury. 

Nearly thirty years ago, Allen Coggins got a request from the director of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency. He was told to compile a list of disasters that have affected the state since its creation. What neither Coggins nor the director knew was that the simple request would become a 27-year odyssey through dusty newspaper archives, libraries and eyewitness reports.

Without A Net: Voices Of The Working Poor

Nov 26, 2012
WUOT News, Leslie Snow

In "Without a Net: Voices of the Working Poor", WUOT producers Matt Shafer Powell and Leslie Snow take you into the precarious world of East Tennessee’s working poor.  These are individuals and families teetering on the edge of financial disaster, where one small slip or a simple streak of bad luck can compromise whatever modest gains may have accumulated through the years.  East Tennessee’s working poor represent a segment of the population often overworked and overlooked, proudly and quietly committing to an ideal in which the ability and desire to work is a fundamental element of charact