Bark! Meow! Donate Today!

Mar 24, 2015

  It’s Pet Pledge Day! Today is a day to honor your furry (or not so furry) animal friends while supporting the station you care about. But wait, there’s more!

For EVERY pledge WUOT receives by phone, online or in person by 8 p.m., Mike from Knoxville, an avid pet lover and WUOT supporter, will donate $1 to WUOT and one pound of food to the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley!

It’s a great way to celebrate Pet Pledge Day AND support your favorite public radio station! Call our pledge-line at 974-5500 or toll-free 888-266-9868.This is an unlimited challenge, so every pledge translates into additional food to shelter animals and cash to WUOT!


Don’t delay…please donate today! Or, in the words of some of our pets: Hop on over to the phone, pony up your pledge and have a purrfect day knowing you supported WUOT. Woof.

Thank you!


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