2015 Spring Fund Drive

Mar 20, 2015

  Do you remember the first time you were inspired by something you heard on WUOT? Maybe it was a news story that opened your eyes to an issue, or music that moved you to tears. And maybe what you heard changed your life.

That’s what happened to WUOT member Chris Eaker on July 8, 2010.

Chris graduated with a civil engineering degree, but wanted a change. During a walk before work with his fiancée, Elizabeth, Chris asked her to keep her ears open for something that would match his gifts and talents. Then Elizabeth got in her car. That’s when she heard about Stanford’s engineering library on WUOT.

“I didn’t even know there was such a thing,” Elizabeth said. “Before I even got out of the parking lot, I sent Chris a text message asking him if he had ever considered a career in information science.”

That story changed Chris’ life: He ultimately enrolled in a graduate program in data curation and now works at the University of Tennessee Hodges Library.

“It’s such a brilliant fit for him, and it all started because I heard a story on Morning Edition,” she said.

Whether you’re a fan of news, music, cultural entertainment programs or everything on WUOT, this station is here to inspire you. We hope this station encourages you—like Chris—to follow your dreams, question your world, seek knowledge and be a more productive part of your community. 

What is that inspiration worth to you? Please make a donation during WUOT’s Spring Fund Drive March 23-28. You can make your pledge by calling 865-974-5500 or 888-266-9868. Your gift will help ensure the programming that inspires and entertains is always there for you.

Thank you!

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