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R.A. Dickey has a fascinating story to tell. His childhood in Middle Tennessee was full of challenges. He attended a prestigious private school, but lived in part by squatting in empty houses. His path to professional baseball was nearly demolished before it could be built. Once there, he still struggled, and found simply keeping a job meant cultivating a famously unpredictable pitch that few had mastered.

Director of communication studies John Haas was recently given a surprise endowment from Peyton Manning.  Todd Steed talks to Dr. Haas about the million dollar award and how it will benefit UT students. 

The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra and Clarence Brown Theatre are, once again, collaborating to present a grand-scale production and this time, it's Leonard Bernstein's operetta, Candide. Rarely performed as a fully staged production, the show, based on a satire by Voltaire, boasts a gorgeous score by Bernstein, but presents a few challenges. Maestro Aram Demirjian discusses how the artistic team tackled these challeges, while creating a version of Candide that will be unique to Knoxville. Performances run August 31st through September 16th.

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Leonard Bernstein's Candide has almost as tortuous a journey as its title character. From its awkward 1956 debut in New York, the show was modified, sliced, diced and stripped in the 1960s and 70s. Bernstein himself poured years of effort into matching a troubled libretto to his epic music, turning out another version in 1989. Different stagings formed a kind of theatrical a la carte, employing unusual sets, constuming and approaches.

So Cal MacLean has his work cut out for him.

Some Basic Facts About CBD

Aug 31, 2018

You might have heard about CBD products and their purported health benefits lately, but what are they? CBD is derived from hemp, which is legal to grow in Tennessee with a license. Applications for those licenses have tripled in the past year, according to the state. It’s an indication that CBD products are growing in demand as an alternative from everything to sleeping pills to opioids. Victor Agreda spoke to Anne Hack, an educator and distributor of CBD products, about their legality and benefits.